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10/1/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 10/01/2021 - 10:10am

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National Security News Content:

1. Here’s how the new continuing resolution will frustrate the Pentagon
2. Generals Were Blindsided by the Afghan Army's Big Quit, But Enlisted Troops Saw it Coming
3. China, US in talks on military relations amid strained ties
4. Opinion | Inside the CIA’s desperate effort to rescue its Afghan allies
5. American weakness on China
6. Video and written testimony: FDD's Thomas Joscelyn testifies on Afghanistan
7. FDD | US Should Sanction The New Head And Businesses Of Iran’s Martyrs Foundation
8. FDD | Tehran views the rise of the Taliban with both glee and suspicion
9. The Quad Enters the Ring With China
10. The Taliban's Social Media Presence Is a Clear Danger to America
11. Opinion | Can we please stop obsessing over America’s ‘credibility’?
12. The Age of America First: Washington’s Flawed New Foreign Policy Consensus
13. Al-Qaeda Could Flourish With New Strategy Under Taliban Rule
14. Senator Calls for Massive Investigation into What Went Wrong in Afghanistan
15. The Forever War is Over. Its 2001 Authorization Lives On.
16. Another Win for China’s Hostage Diplomacy
17. U.S. Military Concedes It’s Unready to Fight Terrorism From ‘Over the Horizon’
18. India won’t host NATO strikes into Afghanistan
19. Japan’s defense awakening is not woke enough

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea test-fires new anti-aircraft missile: state media
2. Blinken says N. Korea increasing instability, insecurity
3. N. Korea remains unresponsive to Seoul's calls after Kim's offer to restore hotlines
4. FM Chung dismisses Pyongyang's call for withdrawal of hostile policy as 'unilateral'
5. Kim Yo Jong expected to lead negotiations with S. Korea and US
6. A foolish and sad war (Korea)
7. What does Kim Yo-jong's SAC appointment mean?
8. What Would an End-of-War Declaration Mean for the United Nations Command?
9. N.Korea Dismisses U.S. Calls for Talks - North Korea
10. Navy SEAL takes command of US naval forces in South Korea
11. South Korea to Biden administration: North Korea is ‘strengthening’ its missile program
12. As North Korea Escalates, Biden Plays It Cool
13. N.K. leader vows support for China's fight against 'hostile forces'
14. Unification minister calls for Europe's role in peace process, humanitarian assistance to N.K.
15.  North Korea’s missile tests fuel nuclear weapons talk among Seoul, Tokyo conservatives
16. N. Korea makes steady development on hypersonic missiles since establishing research institute and college earlier this year
17. Joint Message for ROK Armed Forces Day