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Yul Rapoport


Dr. Yul Rapoport is a Board-Certified Neurologist with dual training in Internal Medicine and Neurology, and nearly ten years of experience in treating brain disease. Having graduated from The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine with an appreciation for an integrative approach to health and disease, he completed a dual internal medicine and neurology residency at Stonybrook University Medical Center with a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology. As part of his residency, he took care of Veterans and has a deep appreciation and passion for providing the best care for our brave service men and women. Dr. Rapoport has advanced training in nutritional and integrative medicine. He is the co-founder of BrainThrive, P.C., an integrative brain wellness Institute in Beverly Hills, California, which focuses on peak cognitive performance for individuals and corporations, as well as offering advanced diagnostic testing, coupled with preventive and integrative treatment strategies to create optimal Brain Health.

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