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Tom Keeley


Tom Keeley has over thirty years of experience in corporate life with General Electric and Rockwell Automation after graduating from Bradley University with an engineering degree  During those years he held various development engineering, engineering management, technology transfer management, and corporate staff positions related to the development of US Navy Polaris / Poseidon program-inertial guidance and fire control systems, mini-computer design, computer aided dispatching systems for police and fire, cellular radio / cellular telephone, industrial robotics, intelligent sensors, RFID, vision systems, industrial automation communications systems, and industrial automation system architectures.   He started Compsim in 1999 to provide a knowledge capture product.  That product evolved to include a decision-making model that would "make soft decisions" faced by today's corporations and autonomous devices (and make the decisions explainable, auditable, and re-useable).  With the ability for a computer to make "soft" decisions, Compsim transformed itself from a software product company to a "technology provider".   KEEL ("Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic" Technology was created and patented.

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