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Stuart Vanweele



Dr. Stuart Vanweele joined ARDEC in 2003 working in the Mortar Fire Control Systems Branch in WSEC.  During his tenure at ARDEC, he has been involved with digitization efforts for the M119 and M777 howitzers, as well as improving the Mortar Fire Control Software (MFCS) suite of digital systems.  He has also worked on numerous developmental systems for automating the process of laying and firing a mortar, such as R2FCS, Dragon Fire and ADIM.  Additionally, Dr. Vanweele has worked as a system engineer and subject domain expert to evaluate inertial navigation systems, smart munitions, and mechanisms to provide reliable position, navigation and time (PNT) in a GPS degraded or denied environment.


Prior to joining ARDEC, Dr. Vanweele has worked in a number of fields including telecommunications, biotechnology, as well as power plant and process plant design.  Dr. Vanweele holds BS and MS degrees in metallurgical engineering from Ohio State University, a BS degree in computer science from Rutgers University, and a PhD degree in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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