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Ryan Hoover is Fit to Fight® co-founder and trainer of instructors in eight different countries. He is the developer of the Fit to Fight® Self-Defense/Krav Maga program. He has co-authored three books on Krav Maga: KM for Beginners, Black Belt KM and KM for Women. Ryan is a certified natural trainer and speed, agility and quickness trainer. Ryan has taught LEO/MIL courses from Denver to Rammstein and all points in between. Ryan is also the co-founder of the self protection program, Hard Ready™, Pride™ kids program, and Safer Campus Now™ active shooter defense program. Ryan is a Krav Maga Force Training instructor, as well as a Krav Maga Train the Trainer. He has been instrumental in developing defensive tactics curricula at the state level. Ryan owns two training centers in North Carolina.

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