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Richard Peeke


LTC Richard "Scot" Peeke serves as the Chief, Innovation Branch at HQ TRADOC, US Army Capabilities Integration Center, Science & Technology, Research and Accelerated Capabilities Division.  His recent assignments include Graduate Research Student as part of the US Army Advanced Civil Schooling Program at The College of William & Mary Materials Science & Engineering - Nanomaterials & Imaging Lab;  Special Operations Liaison Officer / Embedded Planner with the NSOCC / Special Operations Joint Task Force deployed to Afghanistan; Chief, Incident Analysis Branch, US Army, Joint Task Force-Civil Support Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Operations; and Deputy Commander North Carolina Army National Guard, 42nd Civil Support Team North Carolina Area Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Operations.  LTC Peeke holds a Master of Science, Applied Science - Materials Science and Engineering from the College of William and Mary and a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Biological Sciences, General from the US Air Force Academy.

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