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Patrick Christian


Patrick Christian is a doctoral candidate (ABD) researching the psychological foundations of sociological structures in conflict and is in transition to US Africa Command's Joint Special Operations Task Force – Trans Sahara with duty in Mali. He was a Policy Advisor in OSD-Policy and an adjunct faculty teaching African Civil Wars at the National Intelligence University.

Patrick has extensive experience in the practice and research of intra-state violence, civil war and tribal conflict. He has led field teams conducting combat advisory missions, tribal engagement and counterinsurgency operations in Caquetá, Putumayo and Los Amazonas Colombia; Puerto Francisco de Orellana in Ecuador; Darfur Sudan; Bilate and Ogadin regions of Ethiopia; and Baghdad and Taji Iraq. He has served as the Senior Counterinsurgency Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Ethiopian Special Operations Department, and the Colombian Army’s 6th COLAR Division as well as served as the United States Representative to the African Union Ceasefire Commission in Darfur Sudan.

Patrick has trained US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEALs, and USMC Advisory Groups in combat advising, tribal engagement and psycho-historiographical profiling of tribes in conflict.  In 2011, BrownWalker Press published his first book, a Combat Advisor’s Guide to Tribal Engagement, available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble booksellers.  His latest peer reviewed paper on psycho-historiographical profiling of tribes in conflict can be found at Routledge, Taylor and Frances’ African Security Journal, 2013, Volume 6, Issue 1; 03/2013; 6(1):1-37. DOI:10.1080/19392206.2013.759457.

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