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Mark Rocke


Mark Rocke is an independent consultant focusing in: (1) developing U.S. policy and strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia, and the Middle East; and (2) preparing advisors to serve in overseas posts through training and instruction in leadership, strategic planning, relationship building, and institutional capacity building.  Mark is a former Infantry officer, who served in the Senior Executive Service from January 2008 to June 2016.  He served twice as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army; directed the Partnership Strategy Group for US Forces-Iraq (USF-I) in Iraq; and directed the Department of the Army’s European Infrastructure Consolidation Task Force.  He concluded his public service as the Deputy Advisor to Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor.  In this role, he worked in a complementary fashion with the Commander, Resolute Support, who served as the Principal Advisor.  While in Afghanistan, Mark advised and assisted the National Security Advisor to develop and adapt all aspects of policy, strategy, organization, and process for Afghanistan’s national security establishment.

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