Small Wars Journal

Mark Grdovic


Mark Grdovic retired as an Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel in 2012.  He has served with 10th and 5th Special Forces Groups, as a Small Group Instructor and Company Commander with the 1st Special Warfare Training Group and Chief of Special Forces Doctrine with the U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School.  He also served as the Deputy Commander for the Joint Operations Group Central (JOG-C) in SOCCENT.  His service includes multiple deployments to Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and various crisis response operations in Africa.  Since his retirement he has worked as a Strategic Planner at U.S. CENTCOM, a sensitive activities advisor in SOCCENT and an adjunct faculty member and course director for the Joint Unconventional Warfare Course at the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU).  He is currently the Senior International SOF Advisor within the USSOCOM J3-International Division.

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