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Kate Kingsbury


Dr. Kate Kingsbury received an M.Phil and D.Phil in Anthropology from the University of Oxford. She specializes in understanding the two titans of religion, Christianity and Islam in their vernacular forms. Kingsbury was Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta and is currently a Lecturer and Research Associate at the University of British Columbia. She is a recipient of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion’s Jack Shand Grant, and also received Bryan-Gruhn funding for her fieldwork on the female followers of the Mexican female folk saint of death, Santa Muerte. Kingsbury is a leading authority on Santa Muerte, being cited in the press, consulted by the media, writing many peer-reviewed papers on the topic and serving as editor of SkeletonSaint, a website dedicated to documenting devotion to death. Her forthcoming book Daughters of Death: Female Followers of Santa Muerte will be published by Oxford University Press. 

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