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John W. Jones


Mr. Jones is a retired US Army Special Operations NCO with experience working with indigenous personnel in SE Asia, Vietnam, Central and South America, and Europe.  He served in Special Forces, Airborne Units, and was an early member of Delta Force.  In 1980, he participated in the Iranian Rescue Attempt and other real-world Counterterrorist operations.   Since retiring from the US Army he has extensive experience managing security for US Nuclear Facilities and other US Government Contractors. In South Korea and Malaysia he was a team member that developed the Master Security Program Plan for the new Inchon International Airport and the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport.  Additionally, he conducted security surveys of the Jordanian International Airports and Border Crossing Points.  More recently, he served as a US Government Contractor Security Manager in Kosovo, Macedonia and Iraq.  He flew as pilot in command of aircraft conducting aerial surveillance over Kosovo.  His last assignment to Iraq was as a mentor/advisor to the Iraqi Counterterrorist Command - G-2.

Mr. Jones has a BS degree concentrating in Political Science, is a commercial Pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

Mr. Jones has focused his entire adult life in learning and practicing insurgency and counterinsurgency operations.

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