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Jüri Toomepuu


Jüri Toomepuu is former U.S. Army officer, a seafarer, a flight engineer and flight instructor, a systems analyst, a research organization manager, and the Deputy Secretary of the Republic of Estonia in exile. He is also a former Member of Parliament, Republic of Estonia, and author of Eesti Lähiajaloo Kolm Põhiprobleemi, Kolmkümmend Kolm Lahendust (Three fundamental problems of Estonia's recent past, thirty-three solutions), Grenader Publishers, Tallinn, 2014, and numerous articles on Estonia's political and security issues. His U.S. Military awards include the Distinguished Service Cross and several dozen combat and non-combat decorations.

Articles by this Author

Estonia: A NATO Ally in Peril Sat, 07/22/2017 - 10:05pm