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Erwin Bieri


Lieutenant Colonel Erwin Bieri is an active serving officer of the Royal Netherlands Army, who currently works as assistant professor of military sciences at the Netherlands Defence College in Breda, the Netherlands. He is scholar in Netherlands Colonial Warfare during the Netherlands East Indies era (1816-1950). His research focuses on the Netherlands Marine Corps Brigade, that deployed to the East Indies to fight in the Independence War of 1945-1950, and contains more than 1.200 personnel files. Lieutenant Colonel Bieri served in multiple missions, varying from the Post-Soviet and Eastern European theater to Central Asia. He held a variety of positions on the tactical, operational and strategic level. He also deals with European arms control affairs at NATO and the OSCE. He is a graduate of the Royal Netherlands Military Academy and holds a bachelor degree in Business Information Technology, master degrees in Psychology and Military Strategic Studies, and a post-graduate degree in International Affairs. He is currently pursuing a PhD and resides in Brussels, Belgium.

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