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Christopher Alexander


Christopher Alexander is the Managing Director, Communication and Analysis, at SIC Group, and has over 10 years’ experience in Information Operations and over 7 years’ experience in applied anthropology.  His Certifications include the Joint Special Operations Information Operations Planner Course, Joint Targeting School, and the precursor to the Tactical Information Operations Course. Christopher was also an instructor for the Army FA-30 IO Officer Course.  He was the first ever tribal analyst for the Human Terrain Systems project when the program was earlier known as Cultural Preparation of the Environment, and managed a year-long communication and research program for the US Department of State in Mali, setting up a nation-wide polling network and a production facility was responsible for nearly 1000 15-minute radio serial drama episodes in four languages. Christopher ran counter-propaganda programs in Iraq aimed at understanding and responding to Al-Qaeda propaganda from 2005-2010. 

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