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Charles Cameron


Charles Cameron studied Theology under Rev A.E. Harvey at Christ Church, Oxford, and is MA (Oxon). More recently, he has been Managing Editor of, a highly regarded blog covering strategic and intelligence matters, where he posts frequently on religious and specifically apocalyptic violence.. He has been a Contributing Editor for LapidoMedia (UK), a charity providing religious background on current affairs for journalists, co-Project Director with Jean Rosenfeld of the Jihadism Special Project, World Religions and Spirituality Project (out of Virginia Commonwealth U), a Principal Researcher with the Center for Millennial Studies (Boston U) and Senior Analyst with The Arlington Institute. He has been monitoring apocalyptic movements in general, and Islam’s various Mahdist movements in particular, in both Shiite (Iran, Iraq) and Sunni groups (Al Qaida, ISIS) since 1998. He has guest lectured at USC and elsewhere, and in 2015 participated along with Will McCants, J.M. Berger, Graeme Wood, David Cook, &c in Richard Landes’ Boston U conference on ISIS’ eschatology, Generation Caliphate. Charles is the designer of the HipBone Games and Analytics, a game-based approach to creative thinking based on Arthur Koestler’s The Act of Creation and Hermann Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game.

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